Live HD Streaming

Stream live HD video from any compatible source to the web, mobile and smart TV devices.

Live events broadcasting

From concerts to conferences, broadcast your live events directly as part of your own website.

Carrier-grade broadcasting

Backed by a global team of dedicated network and video engineers.

The leading platform for streaming live and on-demand video to
the web, mobile and smart TV devices

Video On-Demand (VOD)

Stream your pre-recorded videos through your own custom branded channel. Let your audience focus exclusively on your content: no annoying ads or banners, no third-party backlinks and no distribution restrictions.

Live Streaming

Broadcast live in HD from any compatible source, with multi-bitrate and adaptive streaming built-in support. Easily integrate the live stream into your own website through our white-label embeddable player.

Multi-Screen Ecosystem

Simultaneously reach the web, mobile and smart TV devices with your channel. Our platform transcodes every stream in realtime to deliver your content in the required format for each device.

Realtime Cloud Transcoding

Through our scalable computing cloud, your channel can easily adapt to any size of audience, from a few to millions of simultaneous viewers, always maintaining the same playback quality.

Global Network Infrastructure

Our core platform runs on a distributed network setup based on hundreds of dedicated servers located in over 8 different Tier-4 datacenters in the US, Europe, Asia and South America.

Private cloud for custom setups

With private cloud support for custom setups, easily turn your account into a virtual extension of your existing infrastructure through a direct connection to any of our datacenter locations.