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Start your own Roku channel

Grow your audience directly on TV

Start your own Roku channel

Launch your own Roku channel

If you are interested in starting your own TV channel, Frontlayer provides a complete video platform solution which includes streaming (VOD, Live and Pseudolive), content management and publishing, in addition to your own custom branded TV channel app available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Your audience will be able to watch all of your published content directly on TV, on the web (i.e. in your own website via our embeddable player), and on mobile devices too.

A general description of our TV channel features including Roku and Amazon Fire TV compatibility is available at:

With TV streaming, you are basically reaching a combined audience of over 100 million users who regularly access media content directly on TV. Statistically, over half (57%) of U.S. TV households now have a Roku or Fire TV set, and this is the audience you can reach with your own custom branded channel.

One of the main benefits of our approach for TV streaming is that we take care of all the necessary development and customization work for your channel app, allowing you to focus exclusively on your media content.

You only need to provide a few branding references (i.e. channel name, reference website, logo, brief description), and we create and publish the channel app accordingly.

Once published, the channel is automatically synchronized with your Frontlayer account. Each time you upload a new video, start a live or Pseudolive stream, or update any of your content, this is automatically replicated in your TV channel, making it immediately available for your audience.

A description of the most frequently requested service plans including their features is available at:

For instance, the Plus plan ($89/mo) would cover all of the mentioned features and it would provide you with your own custom branded TV channel on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Another benefit is that the TV channel is provided at no extra cost as part of the streaming service. There are absolutely no additional costs for the development, publishing, hosting and maintenance of your channel app on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

There are no unexpected fees for bandwidth overages or any other variable; you always know what you will pay per month. There is no requirement for a long term contract either, and you can cancel at any time.

With your own TV channel, you can reach both your existing and also new/potential audience in a way that is completely different from traditional web streaming. Your message is perceived differently when delivered directly on TV.

The Plus plan also includes support for our Pseudolive technology, allowing you to simulate an "always-on" 24x7 live broadcast based on a list of previously uploaded videos, without having to actually stream live.

A general description of this technology is available at:

This is also a great way of providing your audience access to a permanent linear broadcast, just like traditional TV channels do with pre-recorded content.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned features, or if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll be glad to help.