Pseudolive Streaming

Turn your videos into a 24x7 live stream

Automated playout

Create a live stream based on a number of pre-recorded videos that you have previously uploaded to your account, without having to actually stream live from your location. Generate an "always-on" live streaming experience for your audience, just like how TV networks do with traditional linear channels.

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Mix Live and Pseudolive

When you are actually broadcasting a live event, it is delivered directly through the "Live" section of your channel. The rest of the time, pre-recorded videos are still delivered through the same "Live" section of your channel, using a hosted playout system that creates a simulated live stream by broadcasting the videos in realtime and in linear mode.

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Better than playlists

With Pseudolive, all your users watch the same content (i.e. individual video and playback position) at the same time, just like traditional linear TV channels. The starting position of the stream depends on the time when users connects to it, so it's never the same. If someone connects at 3 different moments during the day, the stream will begin at a different position each time, in the same way to what happens when connecting to an actual live stream.

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Runs entirely in the cloud

Since Pseudolive technology runs entirely on Frontlayer's cloud platform, you don't need to connect your live encoder or install any software, and you can actually leave your account streaming 24x7, without any additional cost, and without requiring any custom setup or integration.

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