Live Streaming Service

Stream live in HD with your own brand and using your own website.

Reach all devices

Reach all device types with your own live streaming channel, including desktop browsers, mobiles (iOS, Android) and Smart TVs, broadening your audience and increasing its engagement on every screen.

Embeddable player

Let your audience perceive the stream as truly yours by embedding it directly in your own website, with no ads, links or promotional references from third-parties. Our player enables streaming across all device types (desktop, mobile, TV), is completely white-label and can be embedded like a regular HTML component with one single line of code.

Use any encoder

Frontlayer works with all encoders that support custom RTMP destinations. This includes both software encoders such as OBS Studio, Wirecast, vMix, XSplit, and also professional hardware encoders such as NewTek TriCaster or Teradek VidiU. Simply configure your assigned RTMP credentials and instantly start streaming.

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Viewers connecting to your stream have different bitrate requirements depending on multiple variables. Frontlayer automatically delivers the most appropriate version for each of your viewers, with dynamic switching support based on realtime monitoring of the playback performance.

Cloud Transcoding

Frontlayer automatically scales the necessary compute resources to process live streams in realtime using multiple top tier datacenters simultaneously. No matter the size or location of your audience, your stream always maintains the same quality and performance.

Global Network

Your stream is delivered using our global network based on several top tier CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) with thousands of servers around the world. Users watching your stream are automatically connected to servers that are geographically closest to them, ensuring consistent performance no matter the location or size of your audience.

Realtime Stats

Track, measure and log the interaction between your audience and your live stream through Frontlayer's integration with Google Analytics. This includes both historical data and realtime variables such as the number of viewers, their location, time spent watching your stream, keywords they used, and many other insights.

Social Networks

Your live stream can also be embedded directly in social networks including Facebook and Twitter with inline playing support, allowing users to comment, share and like the content without leaving your page.