Professional Video Hosting

Show off your videos with your own brand and without ads.

Don't distract your audience

Free video sharing sites not only place ads around your videos, but also distract your audience with external content outside of your control. With Frontlayer, you retain total control and ownership of your videos, displayed based on your own brand and website. Your audience can focus exclusively on your own content and nothing else.

Upload, Embed, Play

Publishing videos is as easy as uploading the corresponding source files and placing the generated embed codes in your own website. Frontlayer automatically transcodes your videos into all the required formats and integrates them with our cloud player.

Web based management

Easily edit metadata such as titles, descriptions, thumbnails and categories directly from our web based portal. Every update is automatically replicated across all versions of your channel, including web, mobile and TV.

Cloud Video Player

Our player automatically adapts to all browsers and device types, and delivers your videos using the corresponding format for each case. It's completely unbranded (white-label), it can be added to your website with a single line of code, and since it's hosted on our global cloud platform, it's always updated and optimized with the latest standards.

Works on every device

Frontlayer makes your videos compatible with all devices including desktop browsers, mobiles and Smart TVs.

Social Networks

In addition to your own website, videos can also be shared via social networks including Facebook and Twitter with inline playing support, allowing users to comment, share and like the content without leaving your page.