Global Cloud & CDN

A global network with thousands of worldwide edge servers

Realtime global load-balacing

By operating an IP network specifically designed and optimized for video delivery from the start, requests both from end-users and also from internal processes are dynamically routed through the most appropriate cluster based on a realtime selection algorithm. This workflow provides massive scalability since it allows video processing operations to be performed simultaneously by geographically dispersed clusters.

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Worldwide points of presence

Through agreements with multiple datacenters worldwide and our own IP transit network, Frontlayer offers truly global scalability for any type of audience, from a few to millions of simultaneous users per channel. Besides edge delivery, our cloud storage clusters are also continuously replicated using at least two different regions.

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Distributed network design

A distributed network allows users from your audience to connect to edge servers that are geographically near them, reducing latency and improving the video playback experience by maintaining higher and more consistent speeds. All streams are continuously replicated across multiple edge servers with realtime synchronization.

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