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Billing - Payments

In addition to viewing and updating your profile information, the main "Account" section of the web portal (left menu) includes 3 categories dedicated to billing and payment information related to your account: "Services", "Invoices", "Payment". These categories are available by clicking on their corresponding names at the top of the screen. 1. Services This category displays a list of all your services, with their name, SKU/ID, price, billing cycle, due date and current status. 2. Invoices This category displays a list of all your invoices. You can toggle between Open/Closed invoices by clicking on the corresponding icons as shown in the screenshot above. By default, an invoice is "Open" when it hasn't been paid yet, and it becomes "Closed" when it has been paid. The list includes invoice ID, date, due date, total (amount), status, and a "View Invoice" link allowing you to retrieve a PDF version of the corresponding invoice. At the end of the list, you will notice a row referencing your overall balance (i.e. "Balance: $0.00 USD"). 3. Payment The Payment category allows you to retrieve and/or update the payment method associated with your account. By default, the platform accepts all VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover credit and debit cards. When adding and/or updating your payment information, please make sure to complete all available fileds (Card Number, Expiration, Name on Card, ZIP Code, Security Code), and then click on "Update Payment Method" at the bottom. For security reasons, transactions are not processed immediately after entering and/or updating your payment information. Instead, the platform implements a series of verifications which typically schedule any pending transaction to be automatically processed within the next few hours. SSL Encryption The entire web portal including the Payment category is protected by 256bit High-grade SSL encryption, which can be verified by clicking on the lock icon at the left side of the URL in your web browser. PCI Complicance All our servers and this website are hosted following PCI DSS compliance on SAS 70 Type II audited facilities. More info > Card Alias Card numbers are never stored on our platform. Only the last four digits are used as a reference, and the actual details are sent directly to the corresponding processing networks.