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Google Analytics integration

*Note: Frontlayer's integration with Google Analytics is based on UA (Universal Analytics). Support for the GA4 model is currently in beta. All the references in this article are based on the UA model. The Google Analytics integration works by collecting as much information as possible about each of your end-viewers accessing any of your published content (from any device), and sending this information in realtime to your Analytics ID. All that is required to start collecting and reporting information is simply defining the Analytics ID you would like to associate with your Frontlayer account. Reported data covers all of your published content and all destination devices (i.e. web, mobile, TV). Once you have an active Google Analytics account (it's free and you can create it online), you will receive a GA ID of the following format: UA-xxxxxxxx-x You can then proceed as follows: 1. Login to the management portal at: https://manage.frontlayer.com 2. Go to "Reports" from the left menu. 3. Enable the Google Analytics module by switching it to "ON", and enter your assigned GA ID. 4. Click "Save". Allow at least 30 minutes for the change to propagate across all the global distribution clusters of the CDN. Your account will then start collecting detailed usage reports each time an end-user connects to any of your published content from any of your supported devices, and this information will be synchronized in real time with your GA account. You can login to your GA account at: https://analytics.google.com All reported data (both realtime and historical) will be displayed at the corresponding sections of the GA console. For instance, you will be able to see how many active viewers are currently connected to your stream while you are streaming live, their location, the URL that took them to your channel, and many other variables. Your channel sends realtime information to your Frontlayer account, which in turn reports to Analytics, segmented as PageViews and Events. The overall categories of your channel are considered "pages". For instance, when someone visits the "LIVE Broadcast" category, this is considered a pageview with the following title: "/_Channel/Live". The actions performed by end-users are considered events. For instance, when someone clicks Play on your live broadcast, this is considered an event with the following Event Action: "Play". You can access this information from your Analytics account at the following sections: * Home -> Behavior -> Site Content (All Pages) * Home -> Behavior -> Events (Top Events) You can also debug usage tracking in realtime by opening your Analytics dashboard and going to RealTime -> Events, and then launching your channel from any player to see that the real time actions are logged in Analytics.