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Upload videos

Uploading a video to your Frontlayer account allows you to publish it individually and/or as part of a Pseudolive feed. Once uploaded, the source file (i.e. myvideo.mp4) is processed by Frontlayer in order to generate an adaptive stream. The stream is then mapped to a media ID, which makes your video available through our global CDN. The process of uploading a video from the web portal is as follows: 1. Login to the web portal. 2. Click on the "Videos" link from the left column. 3. Click on the "Upload" blue button at the center. 4. A popup window will open. Click on the "Add Video" button to select one or several video files from your computer. Once the files are selected, click on the "Upload" button from the popup window. 5. You will notice a progress bar indicating the upload status. Once completed, you will be taken back to the main "Videos" screen, where you will see your new video(s) and the corresponding publishing status.